Chiropractic practice has been in the world for so many years, but it has gained attention gradually. Nowadays, the demand for chiropractic care is high because people have experienced positive responses after the therapy. Pain management is a common health concern, but medicines may leave side effects on your health. Therefore, chiropractic treatment rises as the best alternative therapy option for your health. You must visit an experienced chiropractor for your treatment to know more about chiropractic treatment. You can also visit Dr. Moe Pisciottano. He is an experienced ProAdjuster Chiropractic doctor who applies modern and advanced chiropractic treatment with ProAdjuster.

Even though spinal adjustment, which is the core of chiropractic care, is not a new thing, people are unaware of many facts regarding this. Here, we uncovered all the surprising facts of chiropractic care. If you suffer from chronic pain, consult with a chiropractor near you. Remember that over-the-counter medicine is harmful to your health.

Facts of chiropractic treatment:

  1. Chiropractic as a profession was first introduced in 1895 in the United States. But, the techniques of spinal manipulation have a long history in China. Chiropractic care was then extending its reach in other nations, including New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and more places. These days, Asia, Europe, Latin America are the counties where chiropractic treatment has gained the right momentum.
  2. People who go through traumatic experiences sometimes feel chronic pain, depression, and other harmful effects. Chiropractic treatment can be a great solution to it. Chiropractors plan a cohesive approach to treat a patient with traumatic experiences. You can visit an experienced chiropractor and find the best treatment for your health. These days, spinal manipulations become instrument-assisted, which means chiropractors use instruments like ProAdjuster instead of their hands for the manipulation. Visit an experienced chiropractor for your health.
  3. Many people have misconceptions about chiropractic training and educations. They thought chiropractors never undergo rigorous training and education system to become a certified medical professional. But, the truth is different. Every chiropractor completed a strict discipline of education, including clinical and lab internship, to become an accredited chiropractor. It is a scientific approach for your pain treatment.
  4. If you think that chiropractors crack your back only, you make mistakes. Do not allow anyone who claims to crack your back just like a chiropractor for your pain treatment. A chiropractor has completed their education and knows which portion needs manipulation for relieving your pain. Whereas your friend who does not know the chiropractic technique may injure your back, intensifying your pain.

If you need the best and effective chiropractic treatment for your pain management, you must visit an experienced chiropractor for your health. Dr. Moe Pisciottano is an experienced name offering advanced treatment choice with sigma instruments and ProAdjuster. You can consult with us to get the best approach for your health.

Chiropractic treatment can align your musculoskeletal structure to enhance your body’s natural healing process for pain treatment. A misaligned spine and bones can irritate your nervous system, and you will experience many health conditions. A bulging disc is a term that depicts the condition of the slipped disc. Did you know that a disc cannot be slipped? Your discs can bulge. Find the best chiropractic treatment if you are suffering from a bulging disc issue. Dr. Moe Pisciottano is an experienced chiropractor and offers treatment for different medical situations related to your musculoskeletal structure and pain. Let’s discuss a bulging disc and how chiropractors can help you treat your bulging disc issue.

What is a bulging disc?

A bulging disc is a rubbery disc located between the spinal bones. One develops the bulging disc issue when the soft centre of a spinal disc extends through the cracks in a tougher exterior casing. Although some bulging discs do not cause any problem, some can irritate nerves, resulting in numbness and weakness in your legs and arms.

Generally, the discs in the right size are perfect to fit in between your vertebrae. When the disc bulges, it extends its space larger than it normally occupies. A bulging disc is a common spinal injury. This condition mostly stays painless until you twist your body in the wrong way or lift heavy objects. It releases pain and reduces the range of motions.

You should not be worried about this health condition because this problem can get resolved over time. Your chiropractors will help you improve your healing process with spinal adjustments.

Talk to your chiropractor:

There are different treatments for bulging discs, and an experienced chiropractor can tell you which one proves to be the best after examining your X-Ray or MRI reports. These days, chiropractic treatment has improved with the instruments like ProAdjuster. These instruments are computer-assisted and offer you in-depth detail regarding your problems. Chiropractors can improve their treatment techniques using the data.

A good chiropractor will offer you treatment that is comfortable for you. Dr. Maurice Pisciottano is renowned as a spine adjuster offering precision treatment for your complications.

Here are a few things that you can perform on your own to enhance the process of treatment. If you have a bulging disc, you can concentrate on your posture and strengthen your core.

When it comes to your posture, you can avoid bending, lifting, and twisting. Prolonged sitting is also harmful to your health. When sleeping on your back, prop up your knees. While slipping on your side, use a pillow between your legs. These sleeping habits will reduce the stress on your affected disc.

Your abdominal muscles and leg muscles both support your back. Certain yoga will help you improve your bulging disc condition.

For the treatment, you can visit Dr. Moe Pisciottano. He will offer you the best treatment for your health. Please contact us for more details about chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractors can treat an array of health conditions and offer needed solutions to different injuries and complications. You can visit a chiropractor for the treatment of pain, no matter how severe the complication is. If you suffer from injuries due to car accidents, the health issues will take time to show problems. If you have work-related injuries, it needs a thorough examination of your health. These days, chiropractic treatment has included improved methods for spinal adjustments. ProAdjuster is a device that helps chiropractors easily find out the problematic area for the treatment. Spinal adjusters can plan better adjustment choices with this device.

Chiropractic treatment is a safe process where doctors perform spinal adjustments. Medicines and surgeries are not the only options when you are suffering from acute or chronic pain. By adjusting bones and tissues, we help patients heal their problems. Although we treat many health complications, three common health issues that lead patients to visit us are back injuries, neck injuries, and sports injuries.

Back injuries:

Back pain or back injuries are very common, and around 80% of men and women have this health complication. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, we develop back pain. Different tissues can generate pain, but identifying one specific tissue is not possible in this case. The medical cost of treating the pain is huge because getting a permanent solution for your pain management is tough. You can reduce your cost and get the best solution for your back pain is through chiropractic treatment.

You can consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano as he is an experienced chiropractor and offers advanced treatment with modern-age devices like ProAdjuster and Sigma Instruments.

Conventional therapies may not be an ideal option when it comes to your back pain. This is because physicians do not have adequate knowledge for treating this complication. Due to this single reason, workers’ compensation claim goes higher every year in North America. So, visit a chiropractor and consult with an experienced doctor regarding your health.

Neck injuries:

The neck is a sensitive part of the body, having many delicate areas that can cause pain and other complications. Posture can be the prime cause of neck pain, but maintaining the right posture is very difficult. Knowledge of ergonomics may help you reduce the chances of back pain. Fix your computer’s screen at your eye level, which reduces the chances of tilting your head. There are many other ergonomic rules that you can follow to avoid neck injuries. Even after maintaining the preventive care, if you still experience back pain, you must visit an experienced chiropractor. You can contact us to book an appointment with Dr. Maurice Pisciottano. He has vast knowledge in the field, helping people overcome pain through spinal adjustment techniques.

Sports injuries:

For sports injuries, chiropractic care is the best solution. Soft tissues get hurt, and you develop sports injuries. If you are a professional athlete, visit a chiropractor. We treat people to resolve the root cause of the problem instead of just masking pain. We plan the right treatment for you by concentrating on a few factors like muscular imbalances, biomechanical deficiencies, improper techniques, and more.

So, visit a chiropractor for your pain treatment. Consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano or visit our official website for more details.

Knee pain is a very common health issue. We often feel pain and discomforts in our knees. Sometimes, orthopaedic doctors cannot find the cause of the pain. So, instead of opting for surgery as an option, we request you to give us a chance. We are chiropractors who do not recommend medicines for your healing. Rather, we enhance your body’s power to heal your health by adjusting your spine and bone structures. Using advanced instruments like ProAdjuster and sigma instruments, we perform precision adjustments with gentle tapping to make the whole treatment comfortable for you.

What is mechanical knee pain?

Mechanical knee pain is different from the pain in your knees caused by stepping in a hole, twisting legs, and other reasons. Mechanical knee pain is different from general ones. Athletic and professional activities can cause such pain as they build excessive mechanical stress on the knees.

When you bend your knees properly, it unlocks your knee. When you return back to the straight knee position, it locks back also. You can perform some steps to ensure proper locking or unlocking of your knees.

Sometimes, terminal knee extension or straightening your knees after the bending position is not a choice for people who have undergone an ACL repair or other different knee surgeries. The tight knee muscles are the reasons for these problems.

How we treat:

We try to find the reason why your knees do not open or close. We check your medical history and ask you to perform some diagnostic tests to understand the underlying problem. With the right adjustment techniques, we release tensions that improve the terminal extension that helps you lock or unlock your knees.

Along with the treatments, patients also perform their parts to make the process effective. We suggest you some exercises that improve the flexibility of your knee, which reduces your pain.

If you are suffering from mechanical knee pain that is not caused by a tear of a ligament, chiropractic treatment proves to be a great solution for you. We offer you simpler and effective solutions with which you can get back to the range of motions. Contact Dr. Moe Pisciottano for further help. We do not recommend surgeries and medicines. With an improved chiropractic treatment by ProAdjuster and Sigma instruments, we will help you avoid pain and discomforts.

Always visit an experienced doctor for your health. Our experienced ProAdjuster Chiropractic doctor always offers the best solution. No matter what type of pain you are suffering from, you can contact us to get the best treatment. Visit our website for more details.

Chiropractic treatment is a holistic approach where patients are treated with spinal adjustments instead of medicines and surgeries. For example, after car accidents, you may feel discomfort in many different parts of your body. Although surgeries are the common method for treatment in severe cases, chiropractic treatment can bring relief from your pain if you have minor injuries. You can consult with chiropractic treatment for after-surgery care to treat continuous back, neck, and shoulder pain. You can consult with Dr. Moe Pisciottano for the treatment. He is an experienced chiropractor, helping patients with advanced chiropractic treatment assisted with the instruments like ProAdjuster.

Some people who have gone through minor accidents complain about the neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. It is too painful to bear, even for a few minutes. Sometimes, people also develop rotator cuff tear problems. Rotator cuff problem happens due to the repeated shoulder motions. If one falls down on his/her outstretched arms or lifts something heavy in a jerking motion has a higher risk of developing this problem. If you suffer from rotator cuff muscles, you can visit an experienced chiropractor in your area. Remember that an experienced doctor can identify the problems easily. They also leverage their knowledge with recent updates. Sigma instruments are the new-age computerized instrument that helps a chiropractor combine computerized information for diagnosis.

If you ever develop the rotator cuff issue, a chiropractor will examine your shoulders to learn where the pain comes from. After analyzing, chiropractors test the strength of the arms for identifying the weakness in the shoulders and muscles. Unfortunately, the bad thing about car injuries is that some problems appear long after the accident, especially pain-related problems.

So, you can visit a chiropractor after your car accident. Many people think calling an insurance agency would be the best thing that solves their problems. Getting your insurance to cover your damage will rescue you from financial burden. But, to stay fit, you need a chiropractor for the treatment.

Don’t neglect any discomforts because they can signify severe health complications in the future.  Dr. Maurice Pisciottano can offer you the right help for your car accidents. Chiropractic treatment has gone through different stages of improvement. Now, ProAdjuster and sigma instruments make the adjustments a lot easier for doctors and patients.

Our doctors offer a controllable force on the affected area to make the joints stable and flexible. Please visit our website to know more about the treatments and doctors. We have a team of experienced chiropractors for you. Please contact us for more details.