During the pandemic time, many offices have shifted to homes for continuing the office work. In your home, you may not have the right set-up, and it can cause various health complications such as back pain, neck pain, and more. You can follow a few tricks to avoid these complications, but if you have already developed the issue, we suggest you visit an experienced chiropractor for your health. With chiropractic adjustments, you can regain your flexibility without taking any medicines. Consult with Dr Maurice Pisciottano as he is an experienced doctor for your chiropractic care.

Work from home can take a toll on your health. You can easily avoid back pain issues just by changing your work environment. Here, we suggest a few tips that will help you combat your back pain issue.

Keep your neck straight:

Posture plays a very important role when it comes to reducing back pain and neck pain. Whenever you work on a computer or checking documents, ensure that your neck remains straight. Don’t tilt your neck to get a view of the screen. You can keep the screen at your eye level. If you are reading a document, you can keep the document at a perfect viewing angle. It does not take much time to achieve the perfect viewing angle for you. Keep your screen on a stack of books so that you don’t need to tilt your head. You can use a vertical document holder to keep the document in the best position.

Keep your mouse and keyboard at a comfortable height:

Use external keyboards and a mouse to keep your hands in the right position. Keep your arms close to your side while using a mouse and keyboard. This position prevents the nerves from compression.

Sit with your feet flat:

You can follow a proper sitting posture while working on your computer to avoid back pain or neck pain. Rest your back on the backrest of your chair and sit as far back as possible on it. Rest your feet flat on the floor and bend your knee at a 90-degree angle. This position will help you avoid back pain when you work from home.

But, if you have already developed back pain, you can consult with a chiropractor. With the spinal manipulations, your chiropractors release stress on your muscles and bones, improving the functions of your central nervous systems. Visit Dr Maurice Pisciottano and get the best treatment for your back pain. He uses different devices like ProAdjuster, Sigma Instruments, and Spine Adjuster to make the treatment process more effective for your health.

ProAdjuster is a device that is needed for checking your vertebral conditions, concentrating on your nervous systems. Sigma instruments, on the other hand, check the spine stiffness and helps a doctor in the treatment process with computer-assisted data. Dr Moe Pisciottano also helps chiropractors to help them improve their treatment process. Visit us to know more.

A chiropractic treatment program is an alternative healing approach to your health. Many people have questions regarding the treatment since it is not a conventional therapy for pain treatment. It opposes the need for medications and surgeries for treating musculoskeletal disorders if the complication is not severe. You can consult with Dr Maurice Pisciottano, a well-known chiropractor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also conducts many seminars to help chiropractors learn the updated techniques for the treatment. You can visit a chiropractic centre near you for your health to learn about the chiropractic program.

Chiropractic treatment is based on spinal manipulation or spinal mobilization, which a chiropractor performs using different techniques. Generally, 12 sessions with a chiropractor over a 6-week duration is enough for treating an ailment, especially for treating back pain and neck pain.

Common chiropractic treatment plans:

Chiropractors use different treatment plans, depending on your health issues. Spinal manipulation technique is a very common process where chiropractors manipulate or adjust your spine for treating pain. They concentrate on curing the primary cause of the pain rather than masking the symptoms only. Besides manipulative therapies, chiropractors often use other forms of treatments, including exercise, soft tissue therapies, physical therapy modalities, and more. Chiropractors also perform re-evaluation to find out if the treatment helps a patient or not. When a chiropractor observes improvements, he/she suggests some home-based recommendations to keep the complete plan more effective.

Chiropractic treatment has gone through several updates. New technologies make the treatment process easier. It was a hands-on treatment before, but chiropractors start using different tools and devices for the spine manipulation. ProAdjuster is such an instrument that a chiropractor uses for checking the condition of your vertebrae and improving the function of your central nervous systems. Sigma instruments are very popular because it offers a computer-assisted analysis to a chiropractor for planning a better treatment. You can opt for sigma chiropractic for treating your health complications.

Your doctor will give you some suggestions regarding how to avoid future problems. We have discussed things in detail here.

Home exercise programs:

Patients are asked to perform specific exercises to improve their conditions. Your doctors can suggest these exercises early, within the first three visits.


E5rgonomics make your living pain-free because it tells you to use furniture or accessories that support your spine when you are working on your table or using a computer. So, ergonomics prove to be a great benefit for many people.


Posture plays a major role to keep our musculoskeletal structure perfect in condition. Concentrate on your sitting posture or standing posture to avoid back pain and other complications. There are some stretching exercises that can improve your posture. When it comes to home-based treatments, you can use elastic bands to enhance your posture.


Chiropractors also recommend some lifestyle changes to enhance your health. they suggest diet and nutrition that you can follow to reduce pain and chronic inflammation.

Three things to keep in mind to make your treatment plan more effective:


You must interact with your doctor clearly. But before this, you must know what chiropractic care is. It is a spinal manipulation technique that is designed to improve the function of your central nervous system.


Your commitment and dedication are necessary towards the treatment. Never miss an appointment for treating your pain complication.


Consistency is also the key to success in chiropractic treatment. If you are lazy, you will get thousands of reasons not to maintain your treatment. Stay consistent as much as possible.

Chiropractic treatment is very effective for your health. Visit an experienced chiropractor. Please contact Dr Moe Pisciottano for more details.

Chiropractic focuses on how your muscles joints and bones affect your overall health. Chiropractors make use of controlled force to restore movement to your joints. Sometimes they may use Sigma instruments or the ProAdjuster Chiropractic to achieve the desired results depending on the patient’s condition. They also offer exercise ad lifestyle counseling. In case you’re new to the chiropractic industry, you might wonna learn more about this field by visiting a chiropractor’s website. drmoepisciottano-mechanicalmotiontherapy would be a perfect guide in your chiropractic journey. Dr. Moe Pisciottano has helped thousands of patients who have been suffering chronic back pains and other pain-related issues. He is also popular in this industry for having discovered the Pro Adjuster 360. This machine is mostly a Spine Adjuster and it has propelled the chiropractic field dramatically since inception.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractor makes use of ProAdjusteror their hands to manipulates joints in the affected area. This is done through a process known as spinal or joint manipulation. It helps to reduce pain and correct the body’s alignment as wells as overall physical function.

Chiropractors take care of conditions affecting the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. Sigma chiropractic care helps lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle pain, and other joints of the body.

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a specialist that offers alternative care to conventional medicine for any kind of muscle, joint, or bone pain. They can complement the conventional care you receive.

What work is done by a chiropractor?

Getting to know what a chiropractor does is easy. Just think of pains, aches creaks, and strains. If you are experiencing a problem that involves your musculoskeletal system, a chiropractor can offer alternative methods of care. Some may involve Spine adjustments or Mechanical Motion Therapy.

A chiropractor is not licensed to provide medication. They therefore may prescribe:

  1. Soft-tissue therapy to relax tight muscles release tension, relieve spasms in the fascia which is the connective tissue surrounding each muscle.
  2. Provide adjustments to gently realign joints and increase the range of
  3. Joint bracing or taping to support sprained muscles and joints as they heal. An example is Kinesio taping
  4. exercises and stretched to restores and maintain range of motion and mobility
  5. referrals to conventional medical experts for guidance on diet and nutrition to help reduce inflammation and boost weight loss

Procedure details of a chiropractic adjustment:

During your first visit, your chiropractor looks into your medical history and performs a physical exam. You may have to go through diagnostic tests including:

  1. X-rays make use of small amounts of electromagnetic radiation to visualize internal structures.
  2. A computed tomography scan (CT) scan makes use of X-rays to come up with detailed pictures of the internal body structures.
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to generate pictures of the body.

Dr. Moe Pisciottano then comes up with your treatment plan depending on your symptoms, exam findings, and the results of your tests. They then make use of their hands or small instruments to apply a quick and controlled force to a joint.

Your chiropractors may recommend other therapies depending on your symptoms like icing or heat therapy exercises, advice on diet, nutrition, weight and general health, massage, and ways to manage stress and relax muscles.

The benefits of chiropractic care help reduce pain from neck and spine injuries, migraines, and neck-related headaches, whiplash, and joint issues in the arms, legs, and shoulders. In rare cases, chiropractic care may cause complications such as herniated discs, stroke, and pinched nerves in the lower spine

For new parents, taking care of their child is the most important thing. They forget about their health o keep their baby relaxed and comfortable. But your body also needs resting time and proper posture to keep you healthy. Chiropractors often experience that new moms and dads are developing back pain during their child care. So, we thought it is an interesting topic for all who want happy parenting without any pain issues. If you learn more about chiropractic treatment, visit Dr Maurice Pisciottano. He is a licensed doctor and offers the most effective chiropractic treatment for your health. He has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree passed in 1989. Since then, he has been practising as a chiropractor for treating pain and other discomforts.

Everyday childcare can develop back pain in parents. Let’s discuss the facts here. Your baby needs special hands-on physical care until he/she gets three years old. They require to be picked up and carried, and back pain becomes one of the common health issues mostly experienced by new moms. Your baby is precious, and no one wants to think of a baby as just another object to be lifted. However, your physical health can hardly distinguish your baby from an object when it comes to weight lifting. Ask any chiropractor, and he/she will suggest you some lifting tips to avoid back pain.

Knowing proper lifting techniques will help you avoid back pain and other complications. We make mistakes while lifting a baby, which can cause back pain. Do not bend your waist; rather, we must develop a habit of lifting a weight with our legs. Your little baby does not cause you pain, but when he/she gets a little older, you may feel back pain and other complication.

For your pain management, you can visit a chiropractor. He/she offers you different adjustment techniques depending on your health issues. Sometimes, spinal manipulation is required to align your spinal bones. But, chiropractic technique gets more convenient with the use of ProAdjuster, Spine Adjuster, and sigma instruments. ProAdjuster checks your vertebrae’s fluidity or rigidity, and sigma instruments offer a more computer-assisted approach to make a doctor more knowledgeable about the health complications.

To avoid back pain and other complications, you can buy ergonomically designed infant carriers that help you keep your back straight, reducing the pressure on your back and spine. Posture is very crucial to avoid back pain and other complications. When you learn the proper way to lift your baby, you can keep your back straight to avoid any health complications.

Dr Moe Pisciottano also suggests you play in leisure to stay relaxed and energetic. Remember that abnormal movements and sudden lifting can cause damage to your health. Focus your positioning on taking care of your musculoskeletal structure to prevent any wear and tear. If you are on the floor with your child, concentrate on your body position to avoid any strain.

When lifting your child from in and out of a stroller, or a high chair, or a car seat, lift your child correctly. If you want to get more details about back pain and chiropractic treatment, you can consult with Dr Moe Pisciottano.

Chiropractic treatment is a safe choice for your health, especially for those who have back pain issues. Visit an experienced chiropractor who concentrates on a faster relief treatment option. If you want to know how many sessions you require for treating your back pain, it will be hard to answer. Generally, 6 to 12 sessions in 2 to 4 weeks are the standard approach when it is about treating your back pain. Your chiropractors will decide the best treatment choice for your health. You can consult with Dr Moe Pisciottano for your back-pain treatment. He is an experienced chiropractor, offering treatment to relieve and improve body flexibility.

Chiropractors often use a combination of passive and active treatment approaches for your health. Find the best chiropractor near you for your treatment.

Treatment for neck or back pain:

Sometimes, acute symptoms of pain may get resolved within four weeks. But, it is also possible that the symptoms get chronic and last longer than 12 weeks. Your chiropractors suggest the treatment session according to your pain intensity.

If you suffer from mild to severe chronic pain, which gets exacerbated, patients are asked to visit 1 to 6 sessions in the duration of 2 to 4 weeks. A doctor does not recommend 1 to 4 visits per month for your treatment.

Dr Moe Pisciottano will treat your complication and offers the best health care for you. He concentrates on the most effective treatment option that releases your pain fast. Learn more about chiropractic treatment for your health.

Common reasons for visiting a chiropractor:

People visit a chiropractor for treating back pain or neck pain. While many people get relief from a few sessions, some need more visits. Your doctor will analyze your health complications and offer the best treatment for your health.

Dr Maurice Pisciottano shares his thought regarding the visit. He said how often you need to visit a doctor depends on your health. Back pain is a very common health issue, and office workers are badly affected by the problem. Even data has also revealed that work-related issues cause back pain the most. Moreover, your posture also plays a role here. Bad postures increase stress on your spine, causing back pain.

Why you need a chiropractor’s help?

You can visit a chiropractor for taking care of your health. Chiropractors reduce your pain and offer you the best approaches for your health. Chiropractors align your spine, releasing stress and tension. You can meet a chiropractor for treating back pain, neck pain, sports injury, vehicle accidents, pain or fatigue, chronic headaches, or more.

These days, chiropractic treatment gets advanced with the use of ProAdjuster and Sigma instruments. ProAdjuster helps doctors check the functions of vertebrae and the nervous system. They also use sigma instruments to get computer-assisted details regarding the health of your spine. Dr Moe Pisciottano uses these advanced methods for treating your back pain. Visit us to know more.

Our regular job drains our energy level. Sometimes, jobs can be physically strenuous, putting pressure on your bones and muscles. If you stand for long hours at your desk or lift heavy things, you will feel pain in your lower back and other complications. Sitting for long hours at your desk is also harmful. You can visit a chiropractor for your treatment if you develop occupational injuries. Back pain is the most common type of problem. Dr Moe Pisciottano is an experienced doctor and offers chiropractic treatment using hands or instruments like ProAdjuster and Sigma Instruments. It makes the adjustment process easier and comfortable for patients.

What is ProAdjuster?

Your chiropractor checks misalignment in your spine to improve your overall health. Using their hands, they apply force on the specific area to check the joint fluidity and rigidity. Your chiropractors check improper motion, which can affect your nerve functions, causing subluxation. With ProAdjuster, checking joint fluidity, rigidity, or motion is much easier and accurate. The device helps doctors identify the specific level of motion for isolating the problem-causing area. Dr Maurice Pisciottano offers the best chiropractic treatment for your health. He is an experienced chiropractor offering the most advanced approaches for your pain treatment.

How your job causes back pain?

Your physical activity in the office can affect your health negatively. Activities like running and exercises keep you in shape. But, activities in your office are strenuous. They are repetitive in form, and your body will not get rest from them. Work-related health issues are for your body’s repetitive motions.

If you develop a hunching position for your work, it causes many health complications. It makes your posture poor and causes stress on your body. So, you can call a chiropractor for your treatment. A doctor will check everything and offer the best approaches to your health. The treatment improves your condition, from your spine to your feet.

Occupational injuries primarily improve your stress level and make you susceptible to more injuries.

Chiropractic treatment for job stress

Chiropractic treatment proves to be very effective for treating your health complications. When the stress is caused by overworked at the office, chiropractors perform regular adjustments to align your musculoskeletal structure.

Chiropractors treat different health complications, focusing on the spine and your nervous system. Your nervous system originates from your brain and supports your spinal column. Your nerves improve the communication in your body by sending messages. When your spine gets misaligned, your nervous system also gets disturbed. Occupation stress can also cause wear and tear on your spinal column; it can develop neurological issues also.

Chiropractors help you release physical stress by applying gentle force on your spine for aligning the structure. This simple adjustment can also treat other complications like headaches, migraines, and more. The adjustment helps the spine to work properly, and the surrounding tissues also get restored to support your health.

Find the best chiropractic treatment for your health. Consult with Dr Moe Pisciottano and get the best chiropractic adjustment with instruments like ProAdjuster.