The MMT Revolution

The MMT Revolution

Revolution With the Millennial generation and technology advances, consumers are looking for quick answers and instant gratification. They can get what they want instantly thanks to the internet. And because they have the ability to get what they’re looking for, they will pay whatever it takes to get it.

But what does that mean for you and your practice?

Well it may not mean much, at least in your mindset, because you’re a medical facility. However, that’s not true.
You see, when you implement MMT into your office, you now can offer a service and solution to a potential patient that fits into this new mindset of today’s society.

Mechanical Motion Therapy’s treatment protocols can help you alleviate a patient’s pain incrementally, beginning as quickly as the first visit. When you can give a patient noticeable relief in the first visit and they don’t need to take medications, they are going to be ecstatic.

As you continue your MMT treatments, the patient will notice a great improvement in range of motion and a drastic decrease in pain because you’re able to allow the tissues in the area of the discomfort to unlock and glide properly.

When they realize the results that you’re able to provide them with MMT, it doesn’t matter if their insurance covers it or not. They will find a way to make sure you are paid, and many times, that means you will be paid in CASH!

The best part is that you will not only be treating patients and helping them quicker, but they are going to refer more patients into your office, and they will pay cash as well.

If you’d like to learn more and begin your path to become MMT certified, join us at one of our Grow With Dr. Moe events.

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